Thursday, November 8, 2007

Offset your infidelity

This is clever: (from Marginal Revolution)

Building on the thriving carbon offset industry, an innovative British firm, Cheat Neutral, now offers cheat offsetting:

At Cheatneutral, we believe that we should all try to reduce the amount we cheat on our partners, but we also realise that fidelity isn't always possible.

That's why we help you neutralise your cheating. Your actions are offset by a global network of fidelity, developed by us. By paying Cheatneutral, you're funding monogamy-boosting offset projects - we simply invest the money you give us in monogamous, faithful or just plain single people, to encourage them to stay that way.

Many people have already successfully used Cheat Neutral:

David cheated on his partner of ten years, Sebastian, with a younger man. He described for us what happened:

"Seb was so angry with me, I felt really bad about what I'd done. I came to Cheatneutral to offset the side effects of my cheating, and later on, Seb said the only reason he could forgive me was because I'd offset my cheating with Cheatneutral. Thanks to Cheatneutral, we're still together, I can feel good about my cheating, and I've helped to reduce global cheating as well! If I do cheat on Seb again, I'll definitely be calling Cheatneutral."

Hat tip to David Zetland's new blog Sex, Drugs & Water Utilities.

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