Saturday, August 28, 2010

The problem with entrepreneurs is that they see themselves as this weird noble endangered species.  It's ok to try starting a business, just try not to see yourself as a brave solitary soul struggling against the entire world and shitty employees.  If you're in the US, you have access to credit markets, you have infrastructure like roads that aren't complete shit, you have access to an educated (and uneducated) workforce.  You didn't do it alone, and remember that other people don't exist just to play a role in the movie of your life.

/end rant

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Bob said...

What is this some kind of point/counterpoint extreme?
Have you been an entrepreneur? Is that how you saw yourself and your employees?
If so, where did you get the idea the world or people are monolithic? If you are some young academic, books are "about life", life experience is a fact.
Did you know that businesses die, every employee gone, because the boss hates to lay off employees?
Please don't tell me you have not ever run a business or managed employees??? Actually, you're content answered the question.
I would recommend it highly. Usually less $ than employees, but every day is a new surprise!

Indiana Bob