Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At the end of a long day of hiking some months back, when I walked by I somehow startled a cow grazing by the side of the road and it took a bad step and then crashed down on its side.  The last thing I wanted to do was touch its filthy body, but I manned up and put my hands under it and pushed.  It started to move its legs wildly but the thing that stuck with me was the look in its eye, you could see the panic.  Its fear felt way too human to me and it disturbed me.

I wasn't even close to being able to lift it and it snowed that night.  I left a note on a rancher's trailer with the cow's serial number on it, but I don't know what happened.


Rini Sugianto said...

can they lift their own body?

too heavy eh?

Wes Bigelow said...

I thought it should be able to get up too and let it try for like 10 minutes. All I wanted to do was cook dinner, not touch a cow!

Bob said...

You did good. Empathy for a quarter ton creature.
Fear and suffering didn't just appear at the inception of bovine awareness. What do you what to bet(as if we could) it dawned on the simplest creature "to run for its freaking life!" 138.9 million years before?????
You though, you did what maybe zero creatures could have done previously, you empathized, you tried to help. That's an unprecedented leap in millions of millions, who knows but this is key? Compassion.