Friday, November 12, 2010

Fox News and Comedy Central should make a deal to give Jon Stewart a half hour slot right after Glenn Beck's show and give Glenn the half hour slot after The Daily Show.  Jon could use the time to rebut what Glenn just said and vice versa.  It sucks that an entire channel can be a homogenous block of one ideology.

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Bob said...

Hello there Wesley,
As you can see I start early in the morning in "kind of the mid west".
Ya,I only drop in rarely with an economy as awesome as this one. Anyone laughing? Probably not, and so it goes ?
I think it's true some "news" stations are obviously conservative. But, here is the bigger question, and I'm guessing I've got maybe 20 years on you, Who knows. Three of the biggest "news channels" of the past 30 years, add 3 more now, have had the cleverness to spin. You see, they don't have the "truth" supplied to them in a clear celephane wrapper, they type the "news" with good old fingers, with their beliefs as firm as yours in their heads. The newer "news/talk" stations don't try so hard to hide their affiliation.
Question Wesley: How many journalists are democrat vs republican? The answer is out there and it does shade ones work. Do you not think journalists of the "unbiased" news channels are without a thought of their power to persuade? Remember, they went to school to learn "communication".

Time to get to work. Have good day my friend.
Indiana Bob