Saturday, December 1, 2007

Funding games in the future

Why not let gamers contribute funding directly to game developers? One idea is to have them donate a certain amount and get a copy of the game, if and when it gets finished. Their donation would buy them no rights in the company. This is an ok idea, but it's going to be hard to keep that gamers' interest over 4 years while the game gets made. A better idea would be to sell shares in the game developer, because now that gamer has a stake and is more likely to ensure the developer has enough funding over the 4 years it takes. The problems with this are that SEC regulations are going to be burdensome, so it should have minimal regulation (let the market decide who's a fraud and who's good) and also you don't want the game developer lost in the mix as a penny stock somewhere, you want them listed on a market of only game developers. Maybe something like GSTrUE, but for people who are well suited to evaluate games (gamers).

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