Saturday, December 15, 2007

Virtual dinner at time

I wish I could eat a virtual dinner with friends and family around the country. I would pay $300 I think, for a specialized flat panel monitor with a built in quality webcam and speakers that could be put on the dinner table. Good videochat software to manage the webcam views would be critical. And you could have dinner with folks you met on Facebook from around the world, and dating with this system would be interesting as hell.


Eric said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, Wes.

BTW, congrats on the whole uncle thing!

Niniane said...

Why can't you do this with skype?

Wes Bigelow said...

Can you conference call multiple people with video with Skype? I want to have dinner with my parents in AZ and my brother and his family in MN at the same time. Everyone would preferably have a netbook with a built in camera, something easy to place on the table.

Also, for dating, people really want to look better than a webcam makes them look, so a selection of cartoon shaders or filters to clear up skin and brighten dim images would be almost a requirement.

Niniane said...

Is the lack of multi-way video conference call really the thing stopping you from eating virtually with your family? Surely you could video-eat with your parents one day, and your brother a different day, if the urge was really there. What's holding you back from doing that?

I agree with the filters to increase lighting.

Wes Bigelow said...

It would be extra special (to my parents especially) to have us all eating dinner together, like when we were lads.

Technological shit doesn't happen in my family, unless it's easy. :) My brother doesn't even have his own email address cause he doesn't want to check it, he shares one with his wife.